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Commercial Painting

Our team of painting specialists at JM Lux Painting can take care of any details you would like to improve in your commercial space. Leave your painting project in the hands of our professionals and we will be attentive to your needs. We are highly experienced with painting surfaces such as wood, siding, metal, stucco, and more.

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Residential Painting

Express yourself through color. At JM Lux Painting, our painters work with you to discover ways in which you can renovate your home with a fresh coat of paint. We always use top quality paint in all of our services while making sure we give clients the proper customer care. You can rely on us to take care of your painting projects.

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Interior and Exterior

No painting project will ever be too small or too much for us. We can help you modify and enhance the essence of your space through color. Our company offers a variety of interior and exterior painting services with guaranteed satisfying results. These services include staining, brick sealing, cabinet refinishing and more.

We offer estimates both online and in person to facilitate our client’s needs and to prioritize the safety of our team and clients.

We understand the importance of being able to have a preference. To establish an excellent customer service experience, we provide estimates to our clients either online or in person. For a proper estimate, we must be able to see the areas that need painting in order to give an accurate and affordable price on the project. We are giving our customers the following options:



  • Take pictures of the areas that need painting and submit them through one of our contact methods 
  • Schedule a time and date to meet with us to view and discuss in person any project details 

Just let us know which option is more convenient for you. 

Our Painting Process

Here at JM Lux Painting, we always create a clear and precise plan for our clients’ painting projects. We understand that every project is unique and to ensure customer satisfaction, we aim to talk through your ideas while also detailing any recommendations we may have for you. This is the process we follow to paint your visions to your expectations: 
a variety of colors

Color Consultation

To ensure that we accurately provide our clients with the services that they need, we make sure to meet with the client to talk through the details of the project. The most important thing is the color selection as well as the type of finish. We offer color consultations to help clients with their color selection and to give our best recommendations if needed. Once the color is determined, we look for the right durable and high quality painting product for your space. 

preparation and painting by workers

Preparation and Painting

We are always attentive to details. To prepare for any painting service, our team makes sure to always first move and/or cover any furniture in order to protect your belongings. To keep your floors spotless, we also cover the floors with drop cloths. Before we begin to paint, we repair any damages that the surface area may have. We scrape and sand old paint to create a smooth surface and we ensure to seal any holes or cracks that are visible for a perfect paint finish. 




a man and lady inspecting wall


After our painting project is complete, we carefully clean up all of our materials and your area. Any furniture or object that was moved by us will be made sure to get moved back exactly how it was. We care about leaving your place neatly and your belongings well taken care of. Once everything is organized, we do a final walkthrough with our clients to ensure that our clients are well pleased with our work and to check any other minor details or corrections we need to make. 


We are professional painters.

JM Lux Painting Inc. was founded with the vision and goal of making residential and commercial owners of Massachusetts obtain a quality and professional painting service. We are a company formed by a team that loves and enjoys the work they do. Our true purpose is to make your vision become a reality.

We are a team committed to the visualization of your project. Our company’s main focus is organization, efficiency, delicacy and good treatment with our clients.


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